Friday, July 25, 2014

Incredibly Easy Receiving Blankets

While pregnant, I kept reading that I needed a bunch of receiving blankets.  However, every time I went to buy them, I couldn't believe the prices!  My mom had bought a pack of Carter's receiving blankets, and basically, they're a square of flannel with serged edges...piece of cake to make!  I made a ton for baby Henley and I use them all the time (that's her at just 4 days old)!  I recently made some for a friend who had twin boys.  Here's how I made them:

What you need:

• 1 yard flannel (Joann's always has great 
• Coordinating thread
• Rotary cutter or scissors
• Serger or sewing machine
• Bowl to trace round edges (if desired)

Directions for Serger:

1.  Wash, dry and iron your flannel.  Lay flat then cut a square 30" x 30". 

2.  Fold in half twice so that all four corners are stacked.

3. Place your bowl about two inches from the corners.  Cut around the edge of the bowl using your rotary blade or scissors.  

4. Serge around the entire blanket edge, and you're done!

Directions for Sewing Machine: 

1. Wash, dry and iron your flannel.  Lay flat then cut a square 31" x 31". 

2. Fold over each side 1/2", then 1/2" again for a finished edge. Sew along all of the edges of the blanket using a zig zag stitch and you're done! 

These blankets are so easy to make and make perfect gifts for someone who is expecting.  With the leftover flannel you can even make a burp cloth or two to match! See my burp cloth tutorial here

My Tutu Cute Baby Shower

While I was pregnant, I was so preoccupied with everything baby that I took a long hiatus from blogging.  I planned on sharing so much of my pregnancy with you and completely dropped the ball!  Even though I am no longer pregnant and have had my beautiful baby girl here with me for four months now (seriously?! Where did the time go???), I have to share with you my beautiful shower; it would be an absolute shame if I didn't show it off!

My best friend, Jordan, and her mom, Kristen, hosted my shower on January 18th, which was a beautiful and surprisingly hot winter day in sunny So Cal.  The theme was "Tutu Cute" for my love of dance and for my tiny dancer Henley.  The decor was perfect!  Jordan made an adorable ribbon banner backdrop to feature Baby Henley's name, had little tutus on a clothesline, and beautiful pink roses everywhere.

For food, we snacked on yummy veggies, dip, and my favorite, a mimosa bar featuring different juices, fruit, and champagne (alcoholic and non) to experiment with. My favorite was a mix of pink lemonade, Fré non-alcoholic champagne, and strawberries.  Lunch was catered by Wood Ranch (my favorite, of course), with baby back ribs, cheeseburger sliders, cole slaw, salad, and yummy garlic rolls.  Everything was delicious!

My absolute favorite part of the decor and food was the dessert table.  Highlighted by the beautiful ribbon banner, we had red velvet cake pops iced in pink and gray, ballet shoe sugar cookies, and a beautiful vanilla cake with pink ruffled icing.  All desserts were from Sweet and Saucy Shoppe and they were all delicious!

For activities, we played the game where you guess how big my belly is with twine and did a baby themed word scramble. My favorite activity though, was the headband making station, put together by another one of my best friends, Nicolette.  It was absolutely perfect!  She had a variety of flowers, bows, and elastic for guests to make their own headband for Henley.  The guests even wrote little notes to Henley on tags, which is so special to look at each time I use a new headband now. She is stocked up on headbands for the next year!

I could not have imagined a more perfect shower.  It was such a special day I will never forget.  Thank you to my friends who made it happen and to everyone who came! I love you all!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Introducing Henley Ann!

Our baby girl is finally here!  On March 20th we welcomed our little miracle, Henley Ann, into the world at 10:33 pm.  She was 7 lbs. 6 oz., and 19 inches long.  We are so in love with her!

This is short and sweet, but I will be back to blogging now!  My posts may be sporadic while I attempt to find time to be on the computer, but I am back!  Thanks for sticking around :).  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Best Peppermint Dessert Recipes

Now that the holiday season is well upon us, there are tons of recipes with peppermint in them out there.  I love any combination of peppermint and chocolate.  The only coffee creamer I buy is Peppermint Mocha, and sometimes I even add peppermint whipped cream on top...yum!  I even found these Mrs. Field's Chocolate Peppermint Sticks in the dollar section at Target and I am hooked!  I stocked up on a few packs today.  To go along with my holiday peppermint obsession, I sorted through a bunch of Peppermint dessert recipes to bring you what I think are the best we go!

Peppermint Brownies with Peppermint Buttercream Frosting : I Heart Nap Time

Peppermint Snowball Cookies : Inside BruCrew Life

Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn Munch : Yellow Bliss Road

Peppermint Oreo Cookie Balls : Moms Need to Know
Peppermint Crunch Fudge : Lil' Luna

Candy Cane Smores : Roxanna's Home Baking

Thin Mint Puppy Chow : Shugary Sweets

Peppermint Mini Bundt Cakes : The NY Melrose Family
Peppermint Bark Pretzels : A Pumpkin and A Princess

Easy Peppermint Buttercream Cake Mix Cookies : In Katrina's Kitchen

Enjoy all of your holiday baking!

Friday, November 22, 2013

See's Candies Wine and Chocolate Pairing

This week, my husband and I had the opportunity to attend a wine and chocolate pairing for the grand opening of See's Candies at the Tustin Marketplace.  When I first got the invite, I was super excited because I LOVE See's.  You already know I have a sweet tooth, but seriously, ever since I can remember, every trip to the mall with my mom was not complete without a visit to See's. I realized I couldn't take part in the wine tasting, but figured I could get Brent to have a few tastings for me and I could eat all the candy I wanted, score!

If you happen to be in the Orange County Area, you know that the Tustin Marketplace is huge.  There are so many different groupings of stores and it gets a lot of customers, especially during the holidays.  That is one of the reasons that See's is opening this first ever large concept store in this location.  You know how long those lines get in the tiny shops at the mall, well See's at Tustin is the largest See's there is, which makes it perfect for Holiday shopping.

We had a great time tasting the samples of chocolate and learning from Domaine Somm about the wines from to pair them with.  Brent's favorite pairing was the Dark Raspberry Cream paired with the 2012 Muscat.

We even got to go behind the scenes/counter and see how they house all of the delicious confections!  My personal favorites are the Milk Chocolate Butter, Milk Patties, and Milk Almonds.  Yum!  I found out that associates that work at See's get to eat ANYTHING they want!  I so should have worked there!  Oh, and you know the black and white tiles in every store?  They are a nod to Mary See's (Creator of See's Candies) own kitchen.

After eating more See's Candies in one sitting that I ever have before (a pregnant girl's dream!) we went home and I got the best sleep I have had in a long while!  I swear it was all of that chocolate! :)

Thank you See's Candies and Domaine Somm for such a fun event! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Free Christmas Subway Printable and How You Can Make One, Too!

Today when I went in to edit a few pictures in PicMonkey, I saw something new and exciting...a Design element with blank canvases!  I immediately thought Christmas cards, invitations, and best of all...subway printables! Yay!

For those of you who aren't familiar with PicMonkey, it is an online photo editing program.  A lot of the program is free, and for a small fee you can use the rest of the awesome amenities it has to offer.  I use this program for all of my photo editing and have been really happy with it.  It is so easy to use!  I'm not affiliated with them at all, I just really really like it!

I made this printable today while making a tutorial for you to follow on how to make your own.  Go ahead and download this free version, or if time permits, make one yourself!  This printable is 5"x 7".  Click on the link below to download.

Now for the tutorial:

1. Go to and at the top of the screen scroll over Design.  A bar will pop up with different size canvases for you to choose from.  The one I used above is 5" x 7".  Click on the size you would like.

2.  The next screen will prompt you to select a color for your canvas.  I chose white, but you can choose any color you'd like.  Once you've selected a color, click the green "Apply" button.

3.  On the left side of the screen you will see a toolbar with all of the design elements.  I start with the text.  The button for that looks like "Tt".  Once you select that, a bar with fonts will pop up.  Select the font you want and click the "Add Text" at the top of the screen.  Note: any font or element with a small crown next to it is part of the paid membership.  Fortunately, most of the elements are free :).

4.  When you click "Add Text", a text area will appear on your canvas.  Type in your desired text.  A toolbar will pop up on the right side of the screen where you can edit your text size and color.  Repeat this for the rest of the text you want in your printable.

5.  To move text around, simply click on the phrase and drag.

6.  If you wish to add any graphics to your Subway printable, the butterfly icon on the left toolbar has tons of graphic design elements to use.  Also, currently there is a snowflake icon that includes seasonal themes and graphics.  I found the header and snowflake footer in the Winterland theme.  Those two in particular are part of my paid membership, but there are others that are free.

7.  Once you have everything in its place, click "Save".  It will give you the option to choose the file size and quality you want.  I chose "Sean" for my printable, which is the highest quality and file size (1.5 MB).  Choose your file size then click the green "Save to my Computer".

8.  There you have it!  Print, frame, and display!